Lean & Mean 7 Winners

Congratulations to Rafaella Polo for being Round 7’s Ultimate Grand Prize Winner. Congrats also goes to our 2 Fan’s Choice Winners: Kyle and Kirstie. We at Team ALLMAX wish to congratulate everyone who dedicated themselves for the entire 8 weeks and showed us their results – you are all WINNERS!

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The ALLMAX brand stands for Science, Innovation, Quality, and Results. ALLMAX customers demand more, which is why we consistently supply cutting-edge supplements to help them achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do You Have What It Takes To Push Yourself To The Limit For Just 8 Weeks?

When I created the “Lean & Mean” 8-Week Physique Transformation Contest protocol, I wanted it to be the most comprehensive program ever presented to the bodybuilding / fitness community for a competition of this type. However, in doing so I realize there is a lot of information to go over, and that this can be intimidating to many of you that may wish to participate. Because ALLMAX and myself want each and every one of you to not only join in but to also complete the 8 weeks, while making the physical transformation of your lifetime, we decided to get you started in the right direction with 10 simple steps found under the ‘Getting Started’ tab.

~Coach Eric “Merlin” Broser


Nothing takes your gains to a new level like throwing a new program at it. Lean & Mean delivers literally every tool you need to radically re-sculpt your physique.


The Lean & Mean Physique Transformation Program will get you started in the right direction in just 10 Simple Steps.


Coach Broser developed this 8-Week Transformation Program based off of his world renown Power / Rep Range / Shock™ workout protocol.


I recommend you perform both Steady State and HIIT cardios so the body is unable to adapt and is forced to burn fat as its primary energy source. Also, utilize a wide array of machines to present a unique challenge to both your muscle and cardiorespiratory systems.


When looking to make an outstanding physical transformation, the diet will certainly play a vital role. While training sets the anabolic process into motion, it is the food we eat that provide the raw materials necessary for building muscle tissue.


ALLMAX is a brand that is dedicated to providing its customers with the most powerful and dynamic supplements in the industry. I created 3 Ultimate Physique Transformation Stacks (Foundation / Silver / Pro) for those dedicated to taking this 8-week journey along with us.

Testimonials for Lean & Mean

ALLMAX is very proud to have encouraged so many participants to achieve remarkable results.
Check out what some of our notable Challengers have to say about the Lean & Mean Transformation Program.

Patricia Dworkowski

I tried my absolute best and learned so much. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this challenge and for getting to know some of you!! Thanks Eric for all the knowledge, support and awesome plan!!!

Mike Henson

After the first month, I noticed new veins and muscle definition that I haven’t seen in 20 years. That gave me the motivation to push even harder for the final month. The support from Coach Broser and the other competitors on the lean and mean Facebook page were a huge asset.

Sarah-Lynn Sobkowich

When I got started I was really excited to jump in with both feet but as the first few weeks passed, I just wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should be. I reached out and Eric responded back right away…With a little more confidence and being able to post on the Facebook group…gave me the boost I needed.