Lose weight. Get energized. Build confidence.

Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Lean&Mean® is the most comprehensive, complete and intensive 8-week programs ever shared with the bodybuilding and fitness community. Get full access to the latest, most effective training techniques and strategies.  Receive weekly tips, inspiration and content. Learn the most cutting-edge methods for utilizing nutrition and supplementation by a legendary, word-class athlete and coach.  Be a valued part of a community where you can achieve your fitness goals with the support, friendship and encouragement of Team ALLMAX and other Lean&Mean® members.

World-Class Training At Your Fingertips

Eric “Merlin” Broser is one of the most sought-after physical transformation coaches in the world. He is a former Natural Professional Bodybuilder, contest judge, magazine columnist, author and now NPC Masters Competitor. Eric has been transforming physiques for over 30 years.  Coach Broser will share insights on the latest and most effective techniques for rapidly transforming your body through optimal training, diet and supplementation strategies. Coach Broser will motivate and push you to achieve new heights during this 8 week Lean&Mean® program.

Real People, Real Results

ALLMAX is very proud to have encouraged so many participants to achieve remarkable results. This 8-week challenge has positively affected so many lives on so many different levels.  Read about past winners and get inspired, motivated and energized by the stories of incredible physical transformations that hundreds of Lean&Mean® competitors have experienced.


Check out what some of our notable Challengers have to say about the Lean & Mean Transformation Program.

Patricia Dworkowski

I tried my absolute best and learned so much. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this challenge and for getting to know some of you!! Thanks Eric for all the knowledge, support and awesome plan!!!

Mike Henson

After the first month, I noticed new veins and muscle definition that I haven’t seen in 20 years. That gave me the motivation to push even harder for the final month. The support from Coach Broser and the other competitors on the lean and mean Facebook page were a huge asset.

Sarah-Lynn Sobkowich

When I got started I was really excited to jump in with both feet but as the first few weeks passed, I just wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should be. I reached out and Eric responded back right away…With a little more confidence and being able to post on the Facebook group…gave me the boost I needed.