The LEAN & MEAN 8-Week Physique Transformation Program 

This FREE Transformation Program is designed to provide you with an efficient 8-Week strategy to getting shredded. It is not a shortcut, but a program for you to be self-sustainable and see results. PERIOD!

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Our goal is to not only provide you with an efficient and effective plan for sustainable results but to also help you eliminate wasted motion by emphasizing the details that truly matter. An educated consumer is an equipped consumer; understanding why things are structured the way they are is paramount to success.

The physiological processes that describe exactly how and why the body burns fats is rather complex. However, we at ALLMAX have attempted to simplify it so that you can gain a better understanding of exactly what is necessary to transform your physique!

The process of burning fat is largely regulated by the enzyme adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPk), a protein expressed throughout many tissues in the body. In essence, it is the “metabolic switch” for burning fat since it increases lipolysis (breakdown of fat), enhances fatty acid oxidation, improves glucose uptake into muscle tissue, and inhibits lipogenesis. The great news is that the nutritional guidelines in this book were specifically designed to increase activation of AMPk so that you can significantly propel your fat-loss efforts!

The Lean & Mean 8-Week Physique Transformation Program

Next Round of L&M Starts Soon! Register NOW!

How much is a new body worth to you?

  • It’s hard to put a financial figure on improved confidence, energy, and health in your life. Our Program is FREE to Enter!
  • The confidence you will gain from seeing your physique become more defined and toned will be worth every drop of sweat you put into this.
  • Imagine the grin on your face when friends and family commend you on your transformation.
  • Plus the Best Transformation Wins the Grand Prize!

The 8-Week Transformation Program is a simple, efficient, and science-based program which is optimized to target fat and bring you REAL RESULTS! It’s time to transform yourself!

Lean and Mean Take The Challenge - This Entire Program is Free

Lean and Mean 8-Week Transformation Contest

Take The Challenge to be part of the Lean and Mean 8-Week Transformation Contest! This top-notch program is 100% FREE! In addition, ALLMAX is giving you even more motivation! We are going to select the best before and after transformation and the winner will take home an absolutely amazing Grand Prize. TAKE THE CHALLENGE! Open to Canada and USA Residents Only.

Presented by ALLMAX Nutrition and Coach Eric Broser

Lean and Mean Take The Challenge - How do I win

  1. Read “Getting You Started in 10 Simple Steps”.

  2. Understand the commitment.

  3. You will receive an intake email, fill it out, and submit your BEFORE picture.

  4. Follow the Program for 8-weeks.

  5. Submit your AFTER image upon completion.

  6. Our team of judges will review the results and choose a winner!

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