Cardio Workouts: Steady State and HIIT

Because both Steady State and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio both have their pluses and minuses, and have each been proven effective both by science and “in the trenches,” we will include both forms during this transformation project. I recommend varying the type of cardio you perform as often as possible so the body is unable to adapt and is forced to burn fat as its primary energy source. As well, I encourage you (if possible) to utilize a wide array of machines so each session presents a unique challenge to both your muscle and cardiorespiratory systems. Variety is a key component for yielding continuous results over time.


TRAINING DAYS: 25 mins. Steady State

OFF DAYS: 12 minutes HIIT


TRAINING DAYS: 30 mins. Steady State

OFF DAYS: 14 minutes HIIT


TRAINING DAYS: 35 mins. Steady State

OFF DAYS: 16 minutes HIIT


TRAINING DAYS: 40 mins. Steady State

OFF DAYS: 18 minutes HIIT


TRAINING DAYS: 45 mins. Steady State

OFF DAYS: 20 minutes HIIT


TRAINING DAYS: 50 mins. Steady State

OFF DAYS: 22 minutes HIIT


TRAINING DAYS: 55 mins. Steady State

OFF DAYS: 24 minutes HIIT


TRAINING DAYS: 60 mins. Steady State

OFF DAYS: 26 minutes HIIT


  • With Steady State the goal is to progressively increase intensity until your heart rate is at about 65% of maximum. Once there, this heart rate should be maintained for the duration of the session, followed by a 2-3 minute gradual cool down.
  • Heart rate can be calculated with the following formula: 220 – age x .65 = goal
  • With HIIT cardio you will be alternating between periods of slow-paced/recovery cardio and maximum intensity cardio throughout the duration of the session. I have had excellent results alternating 90 seconds of slow-paced cardio with 30-second bursts of all-out cardio to drive the heart rate as high as possible.
  • The most effective times for utilizing cardio for maximum fat burning are immediately upon rising, before your first meal, and immediately after training, before your post workout feeding.
  • Once you reach week five in the 8-week progression you have the option of splitting your cardio into two daily sessions.
  • Some of the best forms of cardio include the treadmill, Step Mill, Stairmaster, Elliptical, stationary bike, walking/sprinting outdoors, climbing stadium stairs, and gym classes that are cardio based.

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